I’m Paula Aranoa. I was born in Argentina although San Pablo, Mexico City and Barcelona are my second homes and left a strong mark on me. When I finally had a camera in my hands I knew that everything previously received had been nothing more than tributaries that carried the same water to a river more properly mine. Naturally and spontaneously, philosophy, art and design converged on the same passion: photography.


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An honor that my photo is among the 75 winning photos of the #TheWorldWeWant contest, in which more than 50,000 images from 130 countries participated. The competition was organized by the United Nations, Agora Images and Join UN75. For a world where doctors are most recognized. I attach the link for which you want to see the sample of the winning photos and the video. https://www.un.org/en/exhibits/page/theworldwewant.

The Virtual Collective Exhibition of Fotema Arte Photography was inaugurated a few days ago. I had the joy of being invited to participate with more than 100 featured photographers. In these difficult moments that as a society we have to live we are given the great opportunity to enjoy art without leaving our homes, in addition to giving the artists a space to show our works. I hope you like

The 2019 Agora Images competition had more than 140,000 photos sent from more than 130 and only 50 were finalists. I had the honor that my picture "The Woman Waiting" was one of them. I participated in the awards ceremony and my photo was shown along with the other 49 photos. The winner was Michael Aboya, with his photo "Songs of Freedom". https://agoraimages.com/blog/agora-awards-2019/    

Photographize Monochrome Issue 05 magazine selected two of my photos to be published in the "Highlights" section during the month of March. I leave them the link so that they can see them all (mine are on pages 86 and 87 and are "Sword made of flower" and "Weaving judgments"). Thank you so much www.photographize.co!     https://issuu.com/photographizemag/docs/_cover

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