I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1966 and had the privilege of living in cities like São Paulo, Mexico City, and Barcelona. Each of these places has left an indelible mark on me. They are my second homes. I discovered my passion for photography after exploring studies in philosophy, fashion design, and landscaping. Everything I received back then still beats in my works. Currently, I reside and develop my projects in Buenos Aires.
I have actively participated in fairs and exhibitions, both nationally and internationally. The UN has exhibited some of my photos on three occasions. I had the honor of seeing my work published in different internationally renowned books and magazines. I have also collaborated with Sony Alpha Latin seminars.


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I see traits of my own femininity in nature. Bonds that interweave us. A preference for simple attire and minimal expression of adornment, for softly spoken words and textures that slow down the gaze. From the subtle to the extreme, like an invitation to sharpen the senses.

Above all, I am moved by a shared courage: the daring to show ourselves vulnerable. Understanding vulnerability as the only genuine way to connect with others and to authentically unfold. Thus understood, our vulnerability is, in fact, our greatest strength.

In this series of diptychs, I capture and share those traits that interweave us.