I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1966 and had the privilege of living in cities like São Paulo, Mexico City, and Barcelona. Each of these places has left an indelible mark on me. They are my second homes. I discovered my passion for photography after exploring studies in philosophy, fashion design, and landscaping. Everything I received back then still beats in my works. Currently, I reside and develop my projects in Buenos Aires.
I have actively participated in fairs and exhibitions, both nationally and internationally. The UN has exhibited some of my photos on three occasions. I had the honor of seeing my work published in different internationally renowned books and magazines. I have also collaborated with Sony Alpha Latin seminars.


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Street photography

Get up early with the place, watch him despair. Watching him wake up, speeds up his action.

Walking, walking a lot. Stay in a corner with no time and watch people pass by. Watch as the sun embraces in a singular way, contouring uniqueness and making them shine.

The shadows lengthen as the sun goes down. They dilute and let go, begging not to disappear into darkness.

Night comes. Slow down. Now it’s bursts of life that I see pass.