I’m Paula Aranoa. I was born in Argentina although San Pablo, Mexico City and Barcelona are my second homes and left a strong mark on me. When I finally had a camera in my hands I knew that everything previously received had been nothing more than tributaries that carried the same water to a river more properly mine. Naturally and spontaneously, philosophy, art and design converged on the same passion: photography.


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Woman and Nature

In this series, I explore my way of relating to nature. A nature that presents itself to me in a deeply feminine way.

My creative process consists, on one hand, in photographing aspects of nature that resonate with me in some way and grouping them; on the other hand, portraying women in such a way that they show their resemblance to the photographed nature and forming another group.
Then, I play with both groups as if they were cards until I find two images (one from each group) that conceptually and aesthetically dialogue, thus forming a diptych.

The nature I seek to show is not the one that strikes at first sight, but the one that dresses subtly, hinting at its beauty like a kept secret. The one that is delicate and unfolds its textures with the intention of slowing down the gaze. The one that emerges without fanfare and makes silence its dwelling place. The one that has the courage to show itself as it is: vulnerable.